First Data Merchant Services Agreement

To write this article, we looked at all these agreements. This article is meant to give you a general idea of these agreements, so note that we haven`t dissected every paragraph or sentence. You may also have signed an older or newer version of these agreements. So, if you have specific questions about your specific contract, please contact a lawyer to get the «real» answer to your situation. The first data is a large multinational and one of the most «enterprising» processors we have ever seen. It is therefore appropriate that they have a very formal contract filled with Gotchas, with which new business owners are not accustomed. While penalties for early termination, strict termination procedures, and specific termination requirements are not unusual when large companies are working with each other, they can shock a small entrepreneur who is simply not used to business-to-business contracts. (If you`d like to learn more about how to read trade agreements, check out our guide to trade agreements.) Finding the effective date is very important, as it is the date on which the clock begins to tick towards the end of the contract term. Normally, the contract defines/tells you how to find the effective date – it can be found either in the first few paragraphs of an agreement, or in a section called duration and termination or otherwise. For the first data, the effective date is usually the date the agreement was approved, but this varies by region, so check this by looking at your agreement.

If you`re in the U.S. or Canada, you may need to snug your physical file or old emails from First Data (or its independent sales agent) for a letter asking you to transact with first data to determine the exact date. You absolutely cannot skip this step. Each contract contains specific details that tell you when you can terminate your contract without penalty. If you try to terminate your agreement without looking for these specific details, you could be made with a big payment for something totally avoidable. For example, during the writing of this article, we looked at customer complaints both on our website and on the Better Business Bureau website. In general, First Data`s after-sales service is presented as unpleasant and unfriendly and sticks to the letter of the contract. One after-sales service agent even told a merchant, «It can be advantageous if you inquire about the MPA [Merchant Processing Agreement].» Even if they allow a refund related to the cancellation, it may not apply to the total amount they received from you. As has already been said, the most painless way to terminate the first data agreement is to wait for the end of the contract term, so we will focus on this point below. If you need to terminate your contract with First Data because you need to declare bankruptcy (for example.B. Due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19), please note that termination due to bankruptcy puts you on the match list and you will have a hard time creating a new card processing account in the near future. Talk to your bankrupt lawyer about this issue and see if he/she can come up with a way to avoid the MATCH list.

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