Sample Horse Sale Agreement

A model contract for the sale of horses is only used for orientation. Legal advice should be sought to ensure that any written agreement is legally binding. Teaching Convention Waterford Solar Stables, llc 33822a hwy 20 east troy, wi 53120 2625142797 jennifer gaudes certified instructor 2622107297 horseaholic73 please read carefully before signing serious injuries. It is important to see the horse first hand before buying. Observe how the owner treats the horse, handles it himself and, if possible, rides a horse. Ask about his story, if there are any injuries or health problems, and if there is anything else to know about it. Get a vet to check his health as well. It`s also a good idea to bring an experienced friend or coach. 5.

Risk of Loss. (If it`s an expensive show or breeding horse, «out of use» insurance is also a good idea.) Covers the sale of the horse, known as ______ A sales contract therefore generally balances the risk of return to the seller. This version differs slightly in that it protects the buyer a little less and contains provisions that favour the seller and not the buyer. If you are the seller, it is more likely that you will present your own terms rather than accept those of the buyer. Presale interstate delivery agree p.26 8/6/15 9:15 am page 1 presale interstate delivery agreement (necessary for California revenue tax exemption) Date: The following horses were from me de los alamitos equine sale co. 2. Identify the horse.