San Jacinto College Articulation Agreement

A further extension of the transfer partnership between San Jacinto College and UHD will be the implementation of additional transfer benefits for San Jacinto College fees and early high school students. As part of the transfer agreement, students in the college`s fee program are now included in the UHD Honors program within a corresponding school or higher education institution, provided that the student meets their AMP requirements upon transmission. San Jacinto College Early College High School students will also see benefits through transfer counseling with UHD counselors during the student`s transition. Scholarship opportunities are also identified for early university students who have earned an associate degree degree at San Jacinto College, allowing them to earn a bachelor`s degree at UHD within three years of transfer. In addition, students can enjoy the benefits of study abroad services and opportunities through joint and/or co-enrolled admissions. One of the new enlargements of the delegation agreement concerns the exchange of data between the institutions. The information includes the general demographics of students interested in a transfer and those moving on to UHD, course and degree information as well as GPA of transfer students from San Jacinto College. The two institutions will also exchange information on the requirements of the transfer agreement, scholarships and financial support opportunities. Approximately 90 WASC accredited courses that grant independent colleges and universities in California, many of which accept MSJC`s IGETC transfer model. Please check the university catalog for more details.

Articulation agreement: an agreement to accept courses or sequences of courses in one institution in accordance with the curricular requirements of another institution. Articulation agreements are designated and processed and approved by the AO. The current agreement allows San Jacinto College students to upgrade to baccalaureate of their choice at UHD with minimal loss of credit hours in the student`s individual transfer plan. The Co-op Council allows San Jacinto students to get advice on study cards and possible career opportunities in their field of interest and main subject. Transfer information: information relating to the transfer requirements, processes or procedures applicable to all prospective transfer students wishing to be admitted to the university. Transfer information is not an «agreement» and therefore is not endorsed or signed by any university or district representative. The AO returns the transfer information to the transfer centre director and other district AOs for distribution to counsellors and students. The agreement also offers reverse articulation conclusion, which means that a San Jacinto student who moves to UHD before the end of their associate degree can still acquire their qualification based on the course points they take at UHD that meet the missing course requirements for the associate degree. Representatives from San Jacinto College and the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) signed at the San Jacinto College Board of Trustees meeting on August 6, an articulation agreement that will continue and enhance the efforts of both institutions to provide seamless transfer and graduation pathways for students through cards and transfer processes, data exchange, joint admissions and cooperative advice. The transfer partnership between San Jacinto College and UHD is also part of the Houston Guided Pathways to Success (Houston GPS) initiative and meets the goals of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board`s 60x30TX plan, whose overall goal is for at least 60 percent of Texans ages 25 to 34 to earn a technical certificate or diploma by 2030. .