Shareholder Agreement Deal

If the business grows, it may be necessary to make decisions regarding the acquisition of new land, the purchase of real estate, or the repayment of a loan loaned on behalf of the business. The partner agreement gives you the protection you need to make decisions by a small number of company members. While it may seem laborious to sketch out any possible situation the company might find itself in, the clearer the shareholders` agreement, the easier it will be to make decisions. As a minority shareholder and with a shareholders` agreement that requires all shareholders to approve certain decisions, make sure you have a say in important decisions affecting the company. These could be decisions: as soon as the company exists for several years, it will probably be necessary to transfer or sell shares to another shareholder. To protect your share in the business, you can be as detailed as you want when it comes to selling or transferring shares. As part of the shareholders` agreement, you can make arrangements that may restrict certain transfers or sales, or you can consider the types of sales or transfers allowed. One of the reasons for these rules is this: before entering into a shareholders` agreement, you have to think very carefully about holding shares. Who owns how many shares (and for what contribution – cash? Time? intellectual property, etc.) ? And how are these shares held? It`s time to talk to tax professionals about serious personal tax planning. .