Service Level Agreement Google Cloud

Maintenance is planned during our maintenance window. The customer is informed at least 14 days in advance by email to the registered email address. It is possible that, during this maintenance period, services may be temporarily out of service in whole or in part and are therefore not available to the customer. To be entitled to financial compensation, the client must inform the Fuga support team within 30 days of the service`s downtime with the requirement for financial compensation. The ALS does not apply to functions or services called alpha or beta (unless otherwise stated in the associated documentation), b) excluded functions or services (in the corresponding documentation) or (c) errors: (i) caused by factors that are not subject to Google`s proper control; (ii) resulting from the client`s software or hardware, software or third-party hardware or both; (iii) that are due to abuse or other practices contrary to the agreement; or (iv) that result from quotas applied by the system and/or in the administration console. «Covered Service,» the following authentication services, provided for a customer application as part of the identity platform: i) email and password-based registrations and (ii) update of a JSON authentication tool («JWT»). Any unavailability of connectivity resulting from a VPN service is excluded. downtime does not include the loss of external connectivity resulting (i) from the Google-run VPN service, which does not serve data traffic that is directed to VPN tunnels under this service; This type of downtime is handled exclusively in the VPN SLA cloud; or (ii) network service levels – standard animal that emits without data traffic. These terms of use of the Google Cloud platform (together the «contract») are underwritten by Google and the company or person who accepts these conditions («customer») and govern the customer`s access to the Services and the use of the Services. «Google» has the meaning given to Wognumsebuurt 3 1817 BH Alkmaar, Netherlands 31 72 751 34 08 5.2 Customer data protection. Google will only have access to or use customer data to provide services and TSS to the customer or otherwise to the customer, and will not use them for other Google products, services or advertisements. Google has implemented administrative, physical and technical security measures to protect and maintain customer data, as described in data processing and security conditions.

During the duration of the agreement that Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud platform available to the customer (if applicable» the agreement), the covered service will provide the customer with a percentage of monthly availability as follows (the «Service Level Objective» or «SLO»): for all our applicable services, we offer customers a guarantee of availability of at least 99.99% per month. If Fuga Cloud does not comply with ALS and the customer has complied with the terms of use and ALS, the customer is entitled to a financial credit. 15.1. Google will send the customer messages under the agreement by sending an email to the notification email address.