Credit Repair Agreement Sample

Make sure you have a contract when you offer credit repair services. A contract is very important, because CROA explicitly states that you must have a contract before working for a consumer. The definition of what a service is should be detailed in your contract. There are many places on the Internet to get contracts. If you go to, you can certainly see some resources to get a copy of a contract. DisputeSuite also has a standard credit repair agreement that you can also acquire. But as always, you need to check with a lawyer to make sure they have all the necessary information and is compliant. Ask for a mandate, if you talk to creditors, this should also be part of your welcome contract. It`s not enough to give one to the customer and tell them to make a copy, you have to physically give two copies to the customer. As the electronic environment says, as long as the printed version is exactly as you would give them two copies.

It doesn`t matter. I suggest you have a lawyer who checks any agreement you have reached, any type of contract. And if the customer prints the entire agreement, as they should for any electronic signature, the agreement should automatically require them to print or give them the option to print. In this way, there are two successive notifications with the possibility for the customer to return. Here, too, peace of mind is a smooth running of business. Your contract should specify in detail what the service is, a description of the services to be provided. If you have a guarantee or offer refunds, this must be clearly stated. Remember that two copies must be given to the consumer during the performance of your contract. If you use a digital signature, any electronic signature component, make sure that in the electronic contract you are using, there are actually two copies in a row or side by side in the document. A copy of the FTC`s consumer rights and, of course, several notices of termination. By law, you must have two cancellation notices, and that`s the only thing on one page. Under the Mortgage Act, in fact under the Mortgage Act, the term for terminating a mortgage and several other types of consumer loans begins with the signing of the contract or both copies of the declaration of resignation to the consumer.

Resignation must be made to the consumer. . . .