Dormitory Agreement

– non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the residence, fire protection rules and hygiene standards; – Exchange or sharing, rental, reservation, purchase or arrangement of assigned rooms in the dormitory of the university; – in the event of material damage, to replace it in accordance with the legislation in force and the mutual liability agreement; – when students abuse assigned dormitories; Residency fees are set by the HSE administration and are subject to change. – fulfil the conditions laid down in the accommodation contract (mutual accountability agreement); – to use the room allocated to their accommodation during the stay provided for in the decision of the accommodation committee and in the accommodation agreement, provided that the rules and regulations of the campus, the internal rules of the dormitories, the rules of fire safety and the standards of hygiene are respected. – the use of educational, cultural and social spaces of the dormitory, the use of furniture, facilities, sheets and services in the dormitory; – Follow campus rules and regulations, internal residency rules, health and safety rules, fire safety rules and hygiene standards; – Residents must present their tickets at the entrance of the residence. – move without authorization to another room or dormitory; – Close relatives of the residents of the residence and other guests may stay temporarily in the dormitory with the written permission of the administration and the agreement of the roommates. The duration of their stay is determined by the administration of the residence. – upon removal from residence, the property allocated to residents is checked and residents are required to compensate for missing or damaged property; Where and how to pay: Get a payment form at the dorm reception, enter your name and pay the amount due (or ask your friend to help you do it….